Top 5 most influential Millennials

                Millennials, like any other generations, have this group of individuals who excelled in different fields. They are being honored by following them on social media and many reciprocate their activity. They have different stories, but all of them helped the generation for today succeed in one way or another.

5. Malala Yousafzai

                Malala is a 20-year old now, and known as a young Pakistani school girl who won the Nobel Peace Prize. She did not give up education and insisted of attending one despite the pressure from armed groups in Pakistan who feared educated people. She was closely shot in the head, but was lucky to survive, and began her quest for education of all girls in her country. She is now studying at the University of Oxford.

4. Mohammad bin Salman

                At the age of 32, Mohammad is considered the youngest king to be of the oil-rich Saudi Arabia. The prince has been very inspirational to many for being modern and open minded. He created a plan for Saudi’s economic approach which is being implemented by other kingdom like the UAE.

3. Sebastian Kurz

                Sebastian Kurz is a young political figure of Austria. He is set to be the next chancellor of the country, becoming the youngest leader among the world’s at the age of 32.

2. LeBron James

                No doubt, the greatest NBA Player of our time. LeBron, at the age of 32, has been a champion on and off the court. Besides being an NBA great, he is known for his charity. His LeBron James Foundation was able to put up school free of everything in Akron Ohio, his hometown.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

                Among the influential figures we mentioned, Mark has been the most influential of all. As founder of Facebook, he has been the youngest billionaire ever, and his social media platform has become the most popular and most influential in the world.