Worthy Millennial Challenges

                Despite the numerous, stupid viral challenges of the kids nowadays, there are some of the challenges that are worthy and helped the community in the name of charity and humanity. So here are the five worth millennial challenges.

5. #NoMakeUpSelfie Challenge

                This was launched in 2014 for the cancer research. Women around the United Kingdom wear no make-up and too selfie. With this, they raised money which grew up to 8 million pounds and they were donated for cancer research.

4. #WithoutShoes

                TOMS Company, a shoe manufacturing, created the challenge to raise a 250,000 pair of shoes for poor children who cannot afford one. The challenge is to let individual not to wear shoe, and relized the value of it in return.

3. #BostonStrong

                To honor those who were victim of the bombing in the Boston Marathon on 2013, college buddies Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens sold t-shirts for a $100. They were patronized by many who sympathized with the victim, and raised a million dollars in earnings. All of it was donated in the One Fund, which spearheaded on helping the victims.


                After an attack on 60 canines in Manchester, firefighters and rescuers let the people aware of the rescued ones by taking a selfie with them. This was able to raise a 700,000 pound donation.


                If there is a challenge that gone worldwide, this is the ice bucket challenge. This charity challenge is for the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a neurodegenerative disease. Co-founder Anthony Senerchia still let this challenge up in the social media, and has no plan to stop until the cure for it will be developed. The challenge raised $115 million.