Understanding the Millennial

Millennial is a generation born in 1986 up today. Eyes are always on them for making controversial, sometimes silly things.

                Understanding them is not easy, but to know anything from the laughingstocks of jokes on YouTube to silly challenges will help you to decode this mysterious generation of our time.

                Let us first define a Millennial, besides being born in the late 80’s.

                A millennial is defines by a dictionary as a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. On the other hand, according to Lindsay Pollak’s blog, it is very hard to identify a certain generation.

                However, she mentioned some of the traits of these millennials that we can agree on.

1. Millennials take serious stuffs lightly

                They always find the ridiculous sides of everything, to the extent that they become…

2. Insensitive

                Yes. Many of them are insensitive of the things affecting other people. Some even fail to see how personal an issue is, and continue their jokes.

3. Egocentrism

                Lots of them are egoistic by nature. They won’t back down from an argument, and they will attack your grammar if they have no things to back it up

4. Career focused

                If there is one thing good on millennials is that they focus on their individual career. Many are working even in odd jobs

5.  Weak Fashion sense

                Yes, most of them have weak fashion sense. They have no original concepts and they just resurrect anything from the past, especially the 70’s trend.